Inspiration. We all need a little push sometimes. At one point in life, everyone needs someone, or something, to give them the confidence to take a leap of faith. This book was introduced to the literary world 10 days ago and has already sold over 1,750 copies. I think this is a testament to people wanting to see the world but are either scared, or unsure of how to travel in 2017. My hope for this book is that it will inspire you and give you the direction you need to backpack. You see, there is just so much of our beautiful earth out there that most never experience for themselves. For instance, take this small lagoon in Croatia above. I had no idea this Croatian landscape of crystal clear water and rocky cliffs even existed. That is until we were backpacking through central Europe and heard about this island from a local in Budapest. I hope you have similar experiences and discover hidden gems like this by learning from others. But if traveling is not your thing, I hope this book inspires you to chase YOUR dream. There is no better time than now.
Not Afraid of the Fall,


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