Its not very often you’ll see a picture of us here! We wanted to get personal today and tell you a little bit about us- for those that are new here. Hi! We’re Lina & Dave, the creators, photographers, bloggers (or whatever you want to call us!) behind Divergent Travelers. We’ve been traveling together since 2001, that’s 16 years this year! I know what you’re thinking, we don’t look old enough for that but we are. πŸ˜‰ Fun fact: we’re actually high school sweethearts.❀️ Our first trip together was to Playa del Carmen Mexico and we haven’t stopped since. We got married in 2010 in our hometown in Wisconsin (there was a massive blizzard on our wedding day, no joke) and in 2012 decided we wanted travel to be a more permanent part of our lives. So we sold everything we owned, quit our corporate jobs and started traveling full time in Feb 2014. We’ve never looked back. At the end of this month we’re headed to Fiji!! A dream spot for us. Life can be really sweet sometimes. Thank you to every one of you for following along! Now it’s your turn! Tell us where you’re from and your favorite travel spot!😎 #travelcouple #soulmates #beforeidie #lovewhatyoudo #lovelife #followyourheart #followyourdreams #highschoolsweethearts #summerlove #seetheworld


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