Claws by V Photoshoot Bae’s Hands. Taken at the Barcelo Bavaro Grand Resort near Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

TopShelfBae is now on Microminimus! and I’m getting tons of flickrmail about her. I’ll get to each of you!

We are back from the beautiful Caribbean! Please be patient as there is still a small backlog friend requests and flickrmails to answer. I will make it a priority to upload new photos a few times a day and answer as many flickrmails as I have time for.

Many of the girls on my FLICKR are interested in selling some photos of the shoots, or customs to very discrete buyers. Contact me for information. Bae is making it a priority to shoot customs and adding sets to her . SEE HER WEBSITE FOR DETAILS!

Bae has created her own flickr page and a teen model website. check out her flickr page here: Join her subscription website to see all of her: . SEE HER WEBSITE FOR DETAILS!

Photoshoots from the Dominican Republic will be added over the next few weeks. Check back often! Please follow me and add me as friends and family. I will add you back ASAP so you can see all of my photos from this album and the others.

If you like the photo, please comment and/or add it to your favorites! More favorites and comments will encourage us to do and post more photoshoots!

You may add my photos as favorites, and kind comments and testimonials are always appreciated. Please also invite any of my photos to appropriate groups, and send me an invite to any that are private.

Please contact me if you are in the Las Vegas area and would like to do a photoshoot.


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