Tews Falls (Hamilton, Ontario) by *Ken Lane* Tews Falls, is a 41 metre ribbon waterfall (only a few metres shorter than Niagara Falls), and is the tallest waterfall found in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Located at the Spencer Gorge / Webster’s Falls Conservation Area in Greensville, its source is Logie’s Creek. It is a short walking distance away from Webster’s Falls. Also known as Hopkin’s Falls and Tunis’s Falls. Best viewed in the springtime as it tends to dry up in the summer months. Nearby attractions include the Bruce Trail, Dundas Peak, Crooks Hollow Conservation Area, Christie Lake Conservation Area, Carnegie Gallery in downtown Dundas. There is a picnic area and bathroom facilities located at Christie Lake Conservation Area. [Source: http://bit.ly/2qObNV1]

Please have a look at my waterfall album:
http://bit.ly/2qOa2Y4 http://flic.kr/p/UriUeu

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