Clarity by blame_the_monkey I arrived in Hong Kong earlier this week just before the Typhoon hit and since then, I’ve seen the weather transform from epic clouds with super strong winds, to heavy thunder storms, sideways rain, fog, dreary flat overcast, and today as i look out my window, it’s crystal clear and calm outside. The conditions in this city can literally change from hour to hour this time of year, and honestly, that makes things really fun for photography!

I have to admit though, this shot isn’t a result of my current time in Hong Kong. It’s actually something I shot back in 2014 and later used as one of the main lessons for my Fstoppers Photographing The World Tutorials on how I shoot and blend different moments in time together to create a unique and dramatic look in my photography.

Sunrises like this are extremely rare, and in 2013, I invested 5 early mornings in a row to capture the illusive Hong Kong sun rising over the horizon. During the summer, it’s possible to have the most clarity in the atmosphere but it’s also extremely humid and the thunderstorms are unpredictable, so there’s never a guarantee of a quality sunrise. Overall, it’s a wonderful location and a classic example of how patience, determination, repetition, and a whole lot of coffee can make all the difference when you want to capture the right conditions for the shot. Just don’t give up and sleep in! 😉

To learn the techniques I used to shoot and post-process this image, you can find all the info about my new tutorial video series by visiting:

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